Royal Tree grows high end strains and their version of Dutch Treat is no exception because it is awesome. A potent 80/20 indica strain, it gained popularity in Amsterdam back when pot tourism did not include the option of a trip to Uncle Ike’s Pot Shop in Seattle. Funny – I can’t think of any reason why an American pot tourist would go to Amsterdam any more now that the best Dutch Treat in the world is available right here. Keep your wooden shoes and your restrictive hash bars Dutchies! We’ll take our hot coffee and smoked salmon and even more smoked pot right here, thank you!

What a heavy stone! Even the stoniest lifelong stoners are gonna get a body high and sleepy dark pine tree forest full of fuzzy, glowing dancing bears indica feeling.

The etymology of the phrase “Dutch Treat” fits with Seattle. “Going Dutch” means to split a check or payment on goods or services, basically. Like in Seattle, where it’s not uncommon for four or more cheapskate restaurant patrons to ask their hapless wait staff to split the check. Hopefully the wait staff is high, because they know full well that Seattle harbors the worst tippers of any major city in North America.

Dutch Treat by Royal Tree Gardens