Meet Drift, a fast-acting sublingual spray that gives you the ease of a vape pen without the smoke. From Mirth Provisions.

Each bottle contains 100 mg of THC from the best locally sourced cannabis, infused into an organic, cold-extracted peppermint oil. Spray Drift under your tongue, hold it there for 30 seconds and within five to fifteen minutes, you’ll be enjoying a smooth, subtle body high. Every spray contains exactly 1.6 mg of THC, so it’s easy to build your own experience.

Why It’s Different

When Mirth set out to create a smokeless high that would work more quickly and reliably, they developed a groundbreaking delivery system we call Gravitine™. Exclusive to their Drift™ product, Gravitine™ enhances bioavailability to quickly deliver the full range of cannabinoids directly into your bloodstream. The result? A sublingual experience that’s up to four times faster than any other non-smoked marijuana product, and up to 3 times more potent than conventional tinctures. It’s healthier than smoking, easier to control than edibles, and tastes way better than a tincture. In other words, there is nothing else like Drift™.