Thanks for the kind words, folks!

Appreciate your passion and rich enjoyment of your buzz. Found some yesterday and have been nicely euphoric while energetic and reasonably well focused. Smoking for over 48 years and healthy.

–Carrie W.

I was checking out your site and went into your store today, wanted to let you know your products, budtenders, shop staff were the best, very helpful and happy it’s a nice clean place from the parking lot to the counter, I am on a tight budget and found very good prices and easy access – bus stop just outside and if I had drove to you’re store there is quite a bit of off road parking.
I have been keeping my stress down smoking since the 70’s have had a MMJ card, used dispensaries and have used delivery services til today but I definitely will be returning to your store.
Thanks for the new experience and great staff.

–Ernie H.

The best rec shop I’ve been to in a long time! Friendly, knowledgeable staff with extensive menu and great competitive prices. Fluent in several languages throughout all shifts, and empathetic to all handicaps. Tight parking and cash only; centrally located for convenience.

–Teeresa Y.

Tex had great energy and a fun story, hooked us up with our fav flav cavi roll and a sweeeeeeeeet juju!

Summerlife 4lyfe

— Stefan K.

I love Uncle Ike’s! More so, though, I LOVE Joy! My husband or I stop in 3-4 times per month and we now aim to get Joy to help us every time. We usually buy 2-4 strains per visit and Joy will piece together new strains and specials and her recommendations to get the quantity we want with the budget we have. I cannot review Joy highly enough, and i cannot recommend Ike’s enough either. Thanks, Joy!

— via Leafly

Just wanted to say Thank you to the girl that sold me an awesome glass atomizer, nice pure flavor from the concentrates provided. Beautiful way to medicate.

— Keith A.

I think Sarah A (I hope I got that last initial correct) is an outstanding sales representative for any business, but she is perfect in her current job. She knows the products very well, understands the difference between the various processes (I am only into concentrates) and just could not have been more helpful. So helpful that I left a $100 gratuity. Happy Thanksgiving!

— David G.

This was my 3rd visit. Very clean, organized, and fast. Sarah A. helped me pick out a new strain based on my preferences. She is very knowledgeable and knows what she’s helping you find. This will become my regular stop.

— Pete L.

Born and raised in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. I say 10 out of 10. Best shop in state of Washington.

— U. Kadak

Wow. What an experience.
Coming all the way from the other Washington, I was told by several people I had to stop by Uncle Ike’s shop, and I’m beyond glad I did.

The people working there were very friendly, informed about the products they had and the environment is very relaxed. The convenience of the glass shop right across the parking lot makes it easy to find the right device to enjoy what ever goodies you may have gotten from the Pot shop.

Prices are great and the selection is endless. I personally scooped a couple of pre-rolled’s that were an absolute steal along with some of Cousin Hazels Hybrid and I was not disappointed!

Next time I’m back in Seattle, Uncle Ike’s is my first stop, I might not even pick up my luggage at the baggage claim!

— Jacob K.

Phenomenal experience! Great layout and variety. Knowledgable and friendly staff. Joy was amazing! Great customer service, she knows the product line and gave me excellent suggestions. Forget Amsterdam, Forget Colorado, head to Seattle for some clean air, Mt Rainier, and go see my girl Joy and the rest of the staff at Uncle Ike’s

— G. Bentley

My first time here. Great experience. I’ve had a green card for two years but it just expired. Uncle Ike’s is a bit more pricey but the bud tenders are very knowledgeable and more friendly than most at medical shops.

My first strain I purchased here was stonewall by CannaSol. Fantastic high. I told the bud tender I wanted to feel relaxed and elated…and this 50/50 hybrid did the trick. I know everyone has a different experience from strain to strain but this made me feel relaxed but alert, high but not a crazy head high (which I hate), no paranoia, no cotton mouth. Over the years I’ve tried many different strains…but this one is the closest to what I enjoy in a high. Bravo CannaSol

— Kevin S.

I’ve been a devoted stoner for over 20 years & frequent customer since January this year, I saw this review section and thought I’d take the chance to commend you on your fine establishment, quality product & professional staff.

Most of all I’d like to applaud the talents of one Budtender in particular, Sarah (the firecracker with the glasses & the flame red hair). Out of all the most excellent Budtenders you employ she is by far my favorite!

Every visit with her is a pleasure and an education (to the point that I now try to time my visits for when she’s serving). I’m always greeted with a smile, dealt with professionally & leave feeling as though my smoking needs have been met; she listens, then finds me the best product for my tastes & chosen high & the best deal for the money I have. Her product knowledge is second to none & her customer service is excellent! This woman really knows her stuff!

Keep up the good work.

— Bob C.

I was in town for a business conference in downtown and chose your location as my first time ever buying legal cannabis. It was busy around lunch time but not bad. I told the tender that it was my first time because I know I had a grin on my face that I couldn’t get rid of, he was super cool about it and let me take my time.
I really enjoyed al the products and can’t wait until I can bring my wife in April 2016. Nice people and a clean place I’ll be back as soon as I can!

— Thomas G.

I thought this place was ON POINT. the wait was not long at all!! Probably because of the number of people behind the counter.

— Robert L.

We love Uncle Ike’s! Best weed experience we’ve had outside Amsterdam. Fantastic products and wonderful staff. Alex and Veronica were both exceptionally helpful and friendly. And Farmer J rules! We’ll be back again and again and telling all our friends as well. Now please open a location in Greenlake!

— Kai & Ariana

I think Uncle Ike’s is a blast to go to and has great help and product. I usually leave a tip since the help is there to help and engaging. Good times ahead. Glad Uncle Ike’s is part of the community.

— Mod R.


— Justin F.

Very satisfied with the selection and service.

— Kevin A.

Hands down best shop in Seattle, classy modern feel with very friendly employees and in a great neighborhood. Try em’ out won’t be let down! My faves? Juju joints!

— Nicki B.

The shop itself is well-lit, has great hours, I’ve never had to wait more than 10 minutes, and it’s right near a bus stop. They also give out free lighters. I have approximately 1 billion of them scattered throughout my house. What more could you ask for? Oh, how about a glass shop next door? Yeah they have that.

— Zac E.

Uncle Ikes is the best recreational shop I’ve been to so far. The prices are way better than the other shops (as of November 2014).

— Grady S.

Good quality meds with excellent labeling and very helpful budtenders! The Uncle Ike’s crew is great at educating about their product and helping you tailor your purchase to best fit your needs. And their head shop across the parking lot is great too!

— Will G.

The guy that helped me was Super Nice and didn’t try to pressure me into anything too pricey since I told him I was still new to buying on my own.

— Jennifer M.

Being my first time I was really impressed. My assumption was a small “corner like” smoke shop. Not at all, bright store front. Open wide lot to park specifically to this shop. I can’t say enough about the building and parking lot lighting. Safe, clean.

— Amy L.

All in all, a fantastic experience getting on board the legal recreation cannabis bus. Good transaction. Great product. Highly (wink-nudge) recommend.

— Jim S.

A visit to this shop is a fun education. Between the labeling and signage and ‘menu’, finding out what is what is easy breazy. The staff was nice and fun. The store is bright and pretty and well organized. It’s easy to get to with easy parking. It’s a nice nice shop.

— Susan D.

Sweet layout, rad staff, and low prices! There is a lot of variety here and such a fun experience. Its very clean and open. Not like your average “smoke shop” feel at all. Lots of parking too! Just a whole new experience and worth your time!

— Laren B.

They are very customer-service oriented and take the time to explain and help you decide what you want with no awkwardness at all.

— Zac E.