Cannalope Kush is a deliciously sweet, happy energetic sativa-dominant strain which mixes the fruitiness of Cannalope Haze with power of the OG Kush derivative OG #18. If you’re looking for a euphoric wake-and-bake high with a stoned smile on your face, these tasty, 70% sativa, 30% indica, THC-laden flowers may be just for you.

It’s no surprise that the sativa lineage of Cannalope Kush yields these happy results, since Cannalope Haze was a cross of the legendary original Haze Brothers sativa strain with Michoacan, a primo Mexican strain from the late 1960s which became a, well, buzzword among the hippies.

The head change is almost immediate; happy bees will soon be buzzing in your head within two or three tokes. Art appreciation? Music listening? Concert going? Cinema viewing? All can be pleasantly enhanced by Cannalope, as can, of course, the appreciation of good food.

Continued smoking of Cannalope Kush eventually results in the indica portion of its genetics asserting themselves, with pleasant relaxation and mental lassitude.

The taste is pleasantly light and smooth, and the terpenes seem to potentiate the high. The flavor leans crisply spicy, woody kush with hints of cantaloupe; the cantaloupe flavor is noticeable when breaking up the buds.

The beautiful, tightly compact, multicolored buds, with just a teasing hint of purple, are encrusted with sparkling trichomes shining like diamonds. Weighing in at 18% THC, these resinous, low carbon footprint flowers are a product of The Hollingsworth Cannabis Co., and are available in two-gram packages.