One of the stumbling blocks for budget-conscious cannabis consumers who visit recreational marijuana stores in Washington has been the price of weed. Now, with its $99 ounces, Uncle Ike’s is staking out new territory in the reefer retail game — a savvy move, because to many, many people, price matters.

Stinky Budz Washington Cannabis

I recently had the opportunity to sample two of the budget outdoor, sun-grown strains from Uncle Ike’s — Maui Sunset, an indica-dominant from Uncle Ike’s house brand Grampa Gus’ Farm Cut coming in at 18.5% THC, and Purple Shadow, a 16% THC hybrid strain from The Stinky Budz cooperative.

While neither strain is going to be mistaken for some $409 Sherbet flowers, or $399 Coogies or Grape Royale at Uncle Ike’s, it would be downright unreasonable to expect as much. Both strains work and offer a solid value at this price point.

Now, about the trimming. We all have a few trim-happy friends who shame us whenever a few sugar leaves appear on the flowers. Be advised that these $99 ounces will trigger them to yammer on endlessly about “loose trims,” and yes, the presence of the amount of sugar leaf you will find on these flowers does mean that the bouquet of an ounce is going to have a certain eau de hay.

BUT! If you really object to smoking sugar leaves — and I’m sure many of you won’t, because they get you quite stoned — you can pull off the little fuckers and use them for cooking. And once you get those leaves off these buds? Squeeze those calyxes and you will get a delightful rush of heady trichomes.

In fact, I’d make the argument that the sugar leaves serve an important function once the flowers are harvested and dried: They help to protect the delicate calyxes and their precious trichomes, which contain the cannabinoids of which we are all so fond. Both light and oxygen are the enemies of cannabinoid preservation, and the sugar leaves help shield against both.

Although the Maui is listed as an indica, I found it provided a nice head-change high without adding the sleepy effects often associated with indica strains. In fact, the Sunset worked perfectly well at sunrise, too, providing a pleasant wake-and-bake with a cup of coffee. Be advised that the chlorophyll levels are a little higher in the Maui Sunset than in the Purple Shadow, if that’s a factor in your decision (what I mean is that the Maui tastes a little “greener” upon inhale).

Now, as for the Purple Shadow, appearance-wise, it was a cut above the Maui Sunset, mainly because of two factors: A better cure, and slightly closer trimming (make no mistake about it, however, these flowers are by no means tightly trimmed, either).

Unlike as is sometimes the case with cannabis strains, the Purple, in this case, went beyond just a name: Some of the flowers themselves were beautifully purple-tinged, and were quite tasty.

Other $99/ounce strains which I look forward to sampling include Uncle Ike’s in-house hybrid Mental Floss and indica Afghani, the Stinky Budz hybrid strains BK, Caitlyn, and Widow Jack; Sticky Buds sativa Crazy Jack, Jack White and Zion.