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Uncle Ike's Makes 420 News

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Nothin’ beats a little awesome press, direct from NewsWeek.com!

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“Uncle Ike’s is like an Apple store for wacky tobacc-y, except that you must be 21 to enter and the pricing for ganja is much, much lower than for a MacBook Air.

For example, after waiting in line, you confer at the counter with one of Uncle Ike’s sales reps, much as you would with an Apple techie at a Genius Bar. Marijuana and marijuana-infused items are on display in glass cases and on merchandise hangers, amid framed posters of Reefer Madness.

Thrillist calls this cash-only store the “self-proclaimed home of ‘your favorite uncle.’” The store is also dog-friendly, so your pooch need not worry about being carded.”

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